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English and Japanese together - a literal example of the objective of this wiki.

Welcome to the Final Fantasy VII Translation Project

This wiki is dedicated to serve as a collaborative effort for a Final Fantasy VII fan translation script as well as creating a unified language learning tool for students of various languages, initially beginning with English-speaking students studying Japanese and Japanese-speaking students learning English.

How This Wiki WorksEdit

This wiki is meant to be a guide for gamers who purchased the Japanese copy of Final Fantasy VII or Final Fantasy VII International in disc form or on the Playstation Network (PSN) before it came out in North America and Europe. It is also meant to be used by students of both Japanese and English that can work both ways.

Ff7flashback 2

English version of flashback scene.

Typical Japanese to English translation format.
Original English Script
Original Japanese Script
Romanized Japanese Script
Literal Word-By-Word Translation
True English Translation
Explanation of Grammar Usage

Explanation and Breakdown of Kanji and Usage


Japanese version of flashback scene.

  1. Original English Script - This is the original English script taken from the North American version of the game. One box will cover all of one character's lines in a scene until that person stops or another person begins to speak.
  2. Origin al Japanese Script - This is the original Japanese script written as it is presented in the Japanese version of the game, meaning kanji is intact (furigana is acceptable for beginner students to read and is achieved by placing the kana beside the kana in parenthesis).
  3. Romanized Japanese Script - This section involves taking the same Japanese text but converting it to roman lettering for ease of reading.
  4. Literal Word-By-Word Translation - Exactly as the title proclaims, this is a literal word-by-word translation of every term in the Japanese text, so that the reader may be able to understand the terms without having to consult a dictionary.
  5. True English Translation - This is a proper translation with proper grammar and sentence structure.
  6. Explanation of Grammar Usage - Explain how the grammar works in this particular discussion. Give, preferribly, a sentence-by-sentence breakdown to make it easier to read.
  7. Explanation and breakdown of Kanji and Usage - Explain each character used in a given sentence and how kanji in certain sentences link together to form a whole new term. This will eventually be made into an entire section of this wiki where people can link the kanji to.

How Do I Obtain A Japanese Copy?Edit

To my knowledge, a Japanese disc copy will not work in a North American console (I could be wrong on this, however. Please update this section accordingly). The easiest way is to have a PS3 or PSP (you must have a 4GB memory stick unless you also have a PS3 and can install from there. In such a case a 2GB memory stick is required), create a Japanese Playstation Network account (look these up online), purchase enough PSN yen cards on websites such as eBay or Amazon to have at least ¥1500 in your account, and purchase Final Fantasy VII -International- on this account. Likewise, you can use the North American PSN to purchase Final Fantasy VII in English for $10.

Another way is through emulation, though the legality in this method is questionable. Due to this I cannot provide further information on where one can find these, but I can tell you what you'd need to look for. You would require a Playstation One emulator with the appropriate BIOS and a ROM of the Japanese (and perhaps English) version of Final Fantasy VII. These may also not run properly depending on your computer and, again, you do risk legal issues in doing so, so the aforementioned PSN method is my strongest recommendation.

Latest activityEdit

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